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  1. Neo Administrator (Администратор)

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    It appears that we are doing fine with balance and programming but we still need people for log analyzing, making events and forum moderation.

    We now only have russian team and are looking forward to create an english-speaking one.
    We need adequate honest enthusiasts ready to spend their time to make the game better.
  2. emerson Аллодер

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    If I spoke English very well and had more time would be quite interested
  3. Neo Administrator (Администратор)

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    When I say english-speaking I don't mean perfect english))
    I mean not russian-speaking mostly
    But if u don't have time for this that's your call
  4. Micronite Только зарегался

    We write in game, so i can write here ;)
    I'm intrested to join team, been from PL and speak english not bad , play ROM2 first time 14/15 years agp :D
    and still love this game ;)
    Anotomix нравится это.
  5. brand007 Фанат А2

    i have time and i am speaking english quite well , started playing this game around 6 years ago and still loving it so far . I just need to know exactly what things will be required of me to do and if there is any requirment to have a ingame chat or something like this or any other method to keep in touch with other players , and about events we can open a voting area so players english and russian ones can vote for new events and what awards to be given . I am waiting for a answer here
  6. Kosikov Знатный флудер

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    I will ask gamemasters about english speaking players, and ask them to post there, their nicknames. I know some players:
    Look for: Dulder, ixlavok, Dumbldore, Cront, Destroyer
  7. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    i got some time,i speak english,not bad but also not well,but im not programer in any way,depending on what is needed and if i can do that i can try help,with events for example?
  8. brand007 Фанат А2

    it will be good , if there was some guides for the maps that don't have any at the moment , i can try helping new players on Softcore mode to get items from medium and hard maps i learned those so far , still have a long way till learning all horror maps , and we need to expand and invite more people to join the game for a wider range of variety , i am online on the game around 10 hours per day but i rarely get another player to help me on the maps with the obtaining of special items , it will reduce the time needed and also we can share the items equally depending on what everyone needs instead of wasting all that time by your own . Also some maps are coming more frequently and in 2 or 3 players you can clear hard maps easily with some good rare items and HP 5000-7000 . Also for new events there should be a official post and ask players to vote there for around a week or so voting duration and make the events in Sunday when more players are on the game .
  9. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    im not sure if this is good idea but i had one for mass event just: GUILD WAR,something like guild teams 5vs5 or bigger or smaller teams,without mobs around or with them,winners maybe could get some crystals for chaos machine? idk if there was anything like that before but i checked "tournament" topics and there was something different.
    What others thinks about something like this? my point in such war is rather using equaly strong chars,and rest will be skills and organisation of team.
  10. brand007 Фанат А2

    yes a war would be good with combined teams of fighter and mages and i say more than 5 around 10v10 and if possible to get more than two clans to get 3-4 or more clans you can make alliance with other clans and press on then share the rewars there are numerous things that can be done if there is someone to take care of the details .
  11. SunnyInPhiladelphia Фанат А2

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    Welcome to hardcore. All that you have listed are already there. If you looking team and not afraid of the many enemies, my skype: new_skype_name_gamak
    But I am playing only at weekends
  12. Traphalet Фанат А2

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    I'm interested in this, and got some ideas for gaining more international rep. If this is still on , lemme know.

    -- Traphalet/Lancelot/Van Halen
  13. shelya Фанат А2

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    I am interested too to be of service. Also, I think at least one English-speaking clan should be created on the server. We discussed it with Cthulchu here.
  14. Cthulchu Знатный флудер

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    dudes, honestly, it's been two years :) hehe :) this is an old forum :)

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