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  1. raskal GameMaster (Хранитель порядка)

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    Tournament video
  2. Traphalet Фанат А2

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    Bene sit tibi и Cthulchu нравится это.
  3. Cthulchu Знатный флудер

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    ^^ That was the 'Waves' or 'The Last Village' map. I attach it to this post so that you could download and check it out.

    Here is a brief description of the map:


    The first arrow shows where your character appears upon entering the map

    The two sheeps drop starting gear for your swift start :) Don't kill more than one. There's no need.

    Now you just wait because...

    Nothing happens on the map until the GM kills certain switch here:


    So generally, the GM would just wait for 15 people to join the map.

    Once the GM starts the map, a few things starts happening at once: You see the goblin surrounded by sheeps? It start attacking the nearest sheep. The sheep has 5r hp, but the goblin is level 4 goblin with blessing. That gives you around five minutes till the first wave comes. Yes, the goblin and the sheeps is the timer mechanism of this map. Yes, there seems to be no better way of setting timers :)

    Another thing that is happening is the teleport starts working, so you can now travel to the main arena of action.

    Every time the teleport is active, you will see fireballs exploding near it:


    Something like that.

    You go into the teleport and you appear on the other side. You appear on the teleport exit, so you're blocking everyone trying to follow you until you move out of that spot:


    The waves are coming from these three sides:


    Once goblin kills another sheep, a wave starts. You won't see the goblin or the sheeps though :)

    most important thing! Do you see the line of sand in each line? DO NOT CROSS IT!

    Why you ask?

    Well here is why:


    you still can go there under the invisibility spell, but you'd normally do that just to pick up loot.

    You lose when you let monsters kill your king here:


    Once the king dies, a level 5 dragon appears and finishes all of you still trying to save him. Finita!


    Bene sit tibi нравится это.
  4. Cthulchu Знатный флудер

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    Another Tournament!
    Bene made another cool map and... it was a wreck... Because people did ridiculous crap all the time and they basically failed. I couldn't connect because of the sheer amount of people trying to get in (there's a limit of 15 players on a map). In a few hours I noticed that there were only a handful (about 9) players left there, so I joined and we started working as a team.
    Turns out, 8 people working as a team is better than 15 people doing it each on their own. We managed to get where the others couldn't :)
    Here's the footage of this wonderful action. I enjoyed it a lot. Hope it will be educational:

    Okay, I've made some research about the map... Some insights:

    Monster repops on the first island in sequential order:

    1. squirrels_1: 20 sec (this is done for exping)
    2. orcs_2: 5 minutes
    3. spiders_2 with the troll2: 5 minutes
    4. bats_2: 5 minutes
    5. orc shamans_2: 20 minutes
    6. goblins_2: 2 minutes
    7. dragons_2: 20 minutes
    8. Necromancers_1: 1 minute
    Repop rules on the second island:
    1. Normally all monsters including lvl2 dragons repop every five minutes
    2. Shamans that stand on smaller islands repop every two minutes
    3. Some monsters like zombs or necromancers take about 8 minutes to repop
    4. Basically, whole island is 5 minutes repop until you reach the final piece of it here:[IMG]
    These dudes (not including the dragons and spiders) will repop in 200 minutes, so use this time wisely. get ready for the final island.

    The last island's repop is 5 minutes for pretty much everything except the necromancers. So don't waste your time. The hardest battle here is right below the teleport. The rest should be fine, just be careful.
    More insights:
    • Since the last teleport's guards (in the middle of the map) repop is 200 minutes, it's a good place to plan ahead, drop garbage, analyze items that we've got. It's a shame that I didn't have the map editor opened and properly investigated.
    • I believe we missed a lot of things. It's better to have the warrior picking up things after the first teleport. One person sorting items is best.
    • I'm in the process of further analysis of this map. Gonna be adding insights here...
    • When you exit the last teleport, there's 10 cells distance to the harpies. You're not supposed to be able to trigger them right at the teleport, unless they get agitated and start flying back and forth. That's why we died. A map bug, basially: [IMG]
    • Right under these harpies (harpies repop is 5 minutes, btw), there's a bunch (9) of necromancers. One of them drops 3 protection from fire and 3 protection from water books (not that you need much water protection after these harpies, lol) The good thing is that they're in different groups, so you don't need to trigger all of them at once, but you don't have time for kiting, so be careful.
    Traphalet, Bene sit tibi, archemesat и ещё 1-му нравится это.
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    давайте еще турниры
  6. Cthulchu Знатный флудер

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    я записал турнир сегодня, но там было много ругани и вмешательства от админов. Не хочется заливать реально.
  7. Jurazzz Его все знают

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    турниры закончились - и что делать дальше? вышибло с карты только что)

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