Contest - "Allod's Geography"

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    Good day all,
    contest is located in Russian section of the forum (Конкурс-География-Аллодов.167/ )
    Follow the link above and go to last page of the topic to see if there has been any new screenshots posted.
    There is a list of screenshots (or sometimes one) posted in the thread, and you have to guess which map this screenshot was taken form.
    Each correctly guessed screenshot gives you 50 forum points. You can guess one or multiple maps at one time, in one message. As long as you put correct map number, look for numbers beside the screen shots. Edited messages would not count.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. It would be best if you can put your answers in original topic in Russian section. Check the thread in Russian section from time to time and if there is a new screenshots posted for you to play.
    Winners will be notified in the original thread.
    Good luck!
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