Empire Border: Get ready for the first quest

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    Hi folks.

    Given that you:

    1. Installed and configured your client as shown in a video here: http://forum.allods2.eu/index.php?t...e-the-client-start-playing-rom-2-online.3930/

    2. Created a proper warrior character and started playing on Easy.
    3. Got your pike and shooting skills up, got access to the Mid/Hard and collected some money (about 500k should be ample (you start collecting A LOT more on mid, but it's tougher))

    You wanna know a few essentials like:
    • Where to get starting gear
    • How and why to use the map editor
    • What a quest item is
    • How to do some simple ad-hoc offline "exping"
    • General combat tips and tricks
    • The beginning of Empire Border map

    I probably should've explored this map better and see where all the triggers are first, but it's not a quest map and it's pretty much optional, so I just use it more to showcase things.

    If you have stuff to add to this pre-questing guide, feel free to do so. I thank a lot to Bene sit tibi for suggesting this map. It's actually a very good pre-Evil map.

    Next video will be on Evil Islands. We'll be getting our first quest set.

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