Fantasy Quest - 3/3 Adamantium set

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    Finally our Easy-to-Mid progression has come to an end. Now we finally wear the full Adamantum set.

    I always wanted to compare the two sets. Let's do that!


    Evil Islands set on the left VS Adamantium full set on the right :)

    Looks a lot cooler. Shiny! Who cares about stats? It's cool!

    It's also pink. kek.

    Anyhow. The full Adamantium set is not for complete noobies, bot more a transition to body3 kind of items that are collected on Hard and Nightmare.

    Therefore, the adamantinum set has more absorbtion and defense as well as magic protection. But for a price of reduced mind (you get less xp for killing mons), less attack bonus (you miss more often if you have inadequate skills) and less earth protection (so you have to pay attention to your earth protection buff as all grown-up kids do).

    Notably, it also has less speed and agility bonus. You won't need speed really. you normally don't walk, you pretty much always teleport.
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