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    Hat rules

    By playing on this Hat you automatically agree to the following rules of Allods2.eu. Player whose behavior is inappropriate is considered to be breaking these rules and may be punished by Allods2.eu team.

    1. Punishments for breaking these rules are:
    1.01. Blocking player's game login(s).
    1.02. Deleting or moving items and/or characters from game login.
    1.03. Blocking player's IP address from playing on Allods2.eu.
    1.04. Making all player's nicknames public.
    1.05. Blocking player's cabinet.
    1.06. Blocking player's IP address on site and forum.
    (Note that players who are blocked from site can not manage their game logins nor create new ones. Also, in some cases all game logins may be banned with cabinet they are on.)

    2. When making decision about punishing a player Allods2.eu team accounts following:
    2.01. Other players' complaints.
    2.02. Allods2.eu server log analysis.
    2.03. Allods2.eu team observations.
    2.04. Player's login analysis.
    2.05. Player being already noticed while breaking rules in the past.

    3. The following actions are strongly prohibited:
    3.01. Using or talking about bugs that give you an unfair advantage (cheats) or lead to unstability of our server.
    3.02. Storage or usage of items received by using server bugs.
    3.03. Storage or usage of items stolen from Allods2.eu team (including items stolen from tournaments).
    3.04. Disrespecting (insulting) Allods2.eu team members.
    3.05. Ignoring any Allods2.eu team member's request.
    3.06. Insulting other players.
    3.07. Hacking any other player or Allods2.eu itself.
    3.08. Storage or usage of any items or money stolen from login of other player.
    3.09. Impersonating Allods2.eu team members.
    3.10. Having more that one cabinet (site/forum login) on Allods2.eu Hat.
    3.11. Attacking Allods2.eu team members.
    3.12. Killing or making other (inferior) players unable to play on easy and medium level maps.
    (Note that this rule protects only weak characters: ones that didn't drink any stat potion, do not have any spells stronger than fireball and only have clothes from easy and medium level non-quest maps.)
    3.13. Hindering tournaments that take place on Allods2.eu.
    3.14. Hindering map testing.
    3.15. Misinforming Allods2.eu team members.
    3.16. Multiple usage of dirty language in public chat.
    3.17. Advertising in public chat.
    3.18. Creating a nickname with dirty language in it and/or that starts from character making it difficult to auto-complete with Tab in-game: «.»; «,»; «».
    3.19. Promoting drugs.
    3.20. Public chat flooding (more than two identical messages in a row without answer).
    3.21. Diplomacy flood: repeatedly changing vision/ally/war setting in order to disrupt player's connection or make his client crash.
    3.22. Selling or buying items for real money. If you want to spend your money in this game, better donate.
    3.23. Propagating terrorism or anything that breaks France, Estonia or Russian Federation law.
    3.24. Usage of modified game files (allods2.exe, a2mgr.dll, patch.res, world.res, graphics.res); hacking game files.

    4. Allods2.eu players are strongly encouraged to:
    4.01. Report bugs listed in 3.01 of these rules to any member of Allods2.eu team.
    4.02. Report Allods2.eu member abusing his or her powers to any Administrator listed here.
    4.03. Report a player who breaks any 3.XX rule.
    4.04. Report bugs that cause logins or characters to break.
    4.05. Report about login hacking.
    (To contact Allods2.eu team you use this forum or PM anyone listed in «on-line forum team».)

    5. Allods2.eu Administration has right to:
    5.01. Punish a player even if his action is NOT listed in section 3 of these rules.
    5.02. Change these rules at any time.

    6. Allods2.eu Administration is not forced to:
    6.01. Prove fact of 3.XX rule violation upon blocking access.
    6.02. Return any items that disappeared due to server or client bug. Players are still encouraged to report this bug so we can fix it and it never happens again.
    6.03. Block players on their request.

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