Helping hand or Trolling?

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    Hello, I'm new to Hat server and I've met some players giving me items for free - those items are clearly higher lever gear, there's not problem in that.. I just decline aa I'd like to progress on my own pace without being too much OP on my dififculty.

    BUT they sometimes give me Potions of [BASE STAT] - I don't really remember those being in classic ROM2, maybe in single player...

    The question is: are those potions allowed? Did they genuinely tried to help me as a newbie or troll me by geting me insta banned by using them? (I've encountered some instances of insta-ban on old ROM2 servers if player's base stats were too high, i.e. they cheated). Those players did not understand English very well, and if they did - they hardly answered any of my questions about why they are giving me those for free and so on...
  2. geBcTBeHHuk Аллодер

    Yes, you can. take a look at the auction.
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  4. Anotomix Administrator (Администратор)

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    Stats potions are concept of Rage of Mages, you drink them until you cap your character stats. You can't level up infinitely, so keeping using potions will be just a waste of them :)

    Read Beginners Guide here:

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