Interception Quest - the easiest Mid quest.

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    Hey folks, so this is another video in our series of quest vids.

    This features the Interception quest. It's very easy, can be used for getting some cash, but we will keep the meteorite weapons from here for it shall be useful in our further endeavors :). Kek.

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  2. Bene sit tibi Map designer (Картостроитель)

    Форумные баллы:

    Dragons, shamans and harpies cast fire wall, its important to use protect form fire scroll to prevent burning to death.
    Weapones with low stone curse (4.5 sec) are useless against lvl 5 monsters, because stone curse is from 0 sec to 4.5 sec. So monsters will still hit. +Monsters inflicted with stone curse have +100% regeneration.
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