Maps and locations of special loot/enemies

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  1. Madcowe Аллодер

    Hey guys.

    So after playing for a few days I noticed there are certain enemies on almost every map that drop set pieces of really good equipment.

    Like on the Alloded Heads (I think that's the name) map there is an Ogre 2 that drops an Adamantinum leg plates with extra defense and absorption and so on.

    So what maps do you know that have special enemies? And roughly where are they located?

    I wanted to make a video of their locations so that people can know where they are as well and get a well deserved boost for their early-game experience :3

    Please let me know if you have any information, thanks ^^
  2. Anotomix Administrator (Администратор)

    Форумные баллы:

    Every mob has own bounty loot + gold loot. For example Grand Necromancer.4 can drop up to Crystal Mace or Meteoric Crossbow with bounty loot.
  3. Madcowe Аллодер

    Yes I know :P

    But I noticed that some enemies have special equipment that are quite strong and unique, and worth a lot of gold (or some times just 1 gold xD)

    On the map Green Lands, there is a Troll 2 North of the spawn point, that gives you a mage dress that is worth 2.700.000 gold. It boosts mind, mana, etc.

    That is the kind of special gear I'm looking for x)

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