"newbie protection"

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  1. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    Hi,sometime ago i read about "newbie protection",something about that if your character didnt drinked any potions he is "untouchable" by pk,i wonder if this rule still works?
  2. SunnyInPhiladelphia Фанат А2

    Форумные баллы:

    yes, this rule still works!
    but if you have set from quest map, anyone can kill you.
  3. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    and what about rare items from non-quest maps?like from enigma(legs for warrior,not strong but rare) for example,or middle(ring anti-earth+20),and this rule about items apply to current time or if character just had it even once?
  4. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    ok so how it works? i didnt had any rare items on me,i didnt drinked any potions yet,so newbie protection still apply on hard maps?
  5. SunnyInPhiladelphia Фанат А2

    Форумные баллы:

    if someone kill you, you can write about it to HOT:#mce_temp_url#
    you must write you nickname, enemy nickname, date and time, the map name, the server number and if you have screenshot. I don`t know this rule works only on hardcore or on softcore too. And rule-breaker will be banned.
    And this is really works!
  6. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    on softcore it is not possible to harm player by player in anyway as i know(i play a little there to train maps just),and i meaned just hardcore server but map with difficult hard and above.

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