Noob Guide - from the beginning to your Evil set

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    Hey folks!

    Seeing how many lame mistakes noobs make, I decided we're lacking some very primitive guides. This is an excuse for me to play as a noob for a bit :) And film it. Cuz why not.

    It may or may not be useful for the noobs, but I surely had fun :) Some of the maps are very well thought-through, so it's a pleasure to do them. This is an adventure-style guide.

    At the very beginning, we're not fit to start getting the Easy quest items, so we start here:

    This gives us a steel set a bit of so-much-needed experience :)

    Now we're good to start getting quest items :)
    • Rivers
    • The Dark Age of Ravenloft
    Cuz they have some quest items helpful for new players! Exciting!

    Let's continue gathering the quest items from Easy!

    Next we're getting some quest items from the

    • Raptor's Valley:

    • Green Land:

    • Fury Lands:

    • Garden:

    • Nival:

    • Dangerous Road:

    • WTTS: Desert v2.3:
    Not gonna waste my time on it, cuz it's long and tedious. And boring, honestly. It's a lazy map. And it doesn't have overly cool stuff in it, but here is a quick scheme for it:

    • Heal Me:

    • Return of Nival:

    • Empire Border:

    • Forgotten Realms:
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    ^^^ These were fun Easy maps there. Now we switch to the Mid maps:
    • Orc Domination:
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