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  1. tako14 Только зарегался

    Unfortunately I have run into a problem which I cannot find the solution for,

    1) I downloaded the game
    2) It installs to C:\Allods 2\

    When I run the allods2.exe no window appears, yet the process is running.

    I have tried switching compatibility, here's what the logs look like

    [4.05.2020 2:56:18] Rage of Mages II (v1.07)
    [4.05.2020 2:56:18] a2mgr (v1.13)/zxmgr (v2.0) started.
    [4.05.2020 2:57:44] Rage of Mages II (v1.07)
    [4.05.2020 2:57:44] a2mgr (v1.13)/zxmgr (v2.0) started.
    [4.05.2020 3:05:02] Rage of Mages II (v1.07)
    [4.05.2020 3:05:02] a2mgr (v1.13)/zxmgr (v2.0) started.
    [4.05.2020 3:14:59] Rage of Mages II (v1.07)
    [4.05.2020 3:14:59] a2mgr (v1.13)/zxmgr (v2.0) started.
    [4.05.2020 3:26:03] Rage of Mages II (v1.07)
    [4.05.2020 3:26:03] a2mgr (v1.13)/zxmgr (v2.0) started.
    [4.05.2020 3:26:25] Rage of Mages II (v1.07)
    [4.05.2020 3:26:25] a2mgr (v1.13)/zxmgr (v2.0) started.
    [4.05.2020 3:26:41] Rage of Mages II (v1.07)
    [4.05.2020 3:26:41] a2mgr (v1.13)/zxmgr (v2.0) started.

    and a screenshot of the installed folder:

    Thank you for your help!


    • allods.png
      Размер файла:
      56,1 КБ
    • allods.png
      Размер файла:
      56,1 КБ
  2. tako14 Только зарегался

    Hello again my Russian and English speaking friends, I still have had no success.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and I have also tried varied compatibility modes.

    Is there perhaps a patch for the GOG version that would be a viable alternative?
  3. Общак Balance maker / Балансёр (PvP)

    Форумные баллы:

    its look you downloaded some wierd game client. download from files section
  4. tako14 Только зарегался

    oh my! you're absolutely right... thank you so much!!!

    the installer from files works.

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