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  1. Notsi Аллодер

    Hello got iten Drop Banner Of Rights? What is it for or useless?
  2. Общак Balance maker / Балансёр (PvP)

    Форумные баллы:

    Banner and other quest items like head, crystal and other using only in quest that u can take from inn - transfer quest item to another inn.
    quest item not reusable and when quest dismissed, completed or character rejoined map becomes useless.
  3. Notsi Аллодер

    Hello thak you :)

    I also have another question I would like to enter an Easy Map with realy good item drops as thated in the web page Status page with my alternative character that only has 35 000 XP. However the server keeps telling me that Im too strong for the map? Why is that do I need to have 0 xp to enter :D
  4. Общак Balance maker / Балансёр (PvP)

    Форумные баллы:

    access to easy quest maps limited by started characters only, and designed for passing by them. this maps hard to complete, but awards adequately
  5. Manturion Только зарегался

    I noticed that after I leave a beginner quest map even if I got no gear from it that it says I'm too strong to join it again. Does this mean you can only attempt one easy quest map?
  6. Общак Balance maker / Балансёр (PvP)

    Форумные баллы:

    easy quest's for just created characters only, no rejoin

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