Rare Quest items.

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    I want to ask everybody , willing to share the info about rare quest items that can be crafted in the Chaos machine. Not only quest maps have such items and ill be really thankfull if you all share on which map and where can they be found, along with respawn time if available. Thanks in advance.

    1 map is Evil Islands. All of the quest mobs there drop items that can be put in the CM.
    Another map is Monsters. Bottom and a little to the right there is a succubus that drop adamant ring that can be put in the CM aswell..
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    topic dead:( i found one rare item on map "middle",in north east corner there is dragon lair,and dragon lvl4 keeps rare ring with +20 earth resistance
  4. Supbro Фанат А2

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    You can check all rare items disposition in guides in the status/map-list sections on the main page.
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    this ring for example wasnt there,map called "middle" dont have even "guide" part like most quest maps
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    Reviving an old topic, but maybe this is useful for others that will get to read this.

    The +20 earth protection ring from Middle map is not considered, apparently, as important as other items from more complex maps.

    And it makes sense... what would be the game if all information would be given to the player ? The most important guides that one may benefit are the video guides that Supbro was so kind to list for non-russian players as well.

    There is also the map editor - a very useful tool one can use to see the mobs in a particular map, check the triggers/logic and eventually the loot from mobs.

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