seeing through invisibility?

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  1. draigan Только зарегался

    hi just a quick question is it possible to see through invisibility?

    Just got pk'd which i don't mind i choose to play on hardcore but the player walked right up to me and stabbed me while i was invisible

    also i did not have vision or alliance with them.

    Just want to be clear on the rules


    Edit* also i did not cast any spells too give away my rough location
  2. 4eliozz Захожу на форум

    This is how mechanics goes. If you are invisible, enemys cant see you, but they can target you in melee ( probably ).

    Usually all pk`s just put war mode on, and start check every cage walking thru all map. If u stay in war mode near your enemy who is invisible, you will atack him.

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