Тема в разделе 'ALLODS2.EU: Tournaments', создана пользователем Plamen, 9 июл 2014.

  1. Plamen TournamentMaster (Организатор турниров)

    Форумные баллы:

    Tomorrow, 10.07.2014, GМТ 17:00, will be held tournament at map name Forever and Never v1.4.

    Goal: Acting as a team, all players must obtain the final prize - a mage full body +5 located in the SE corner of the map. In order to get the prize, your character has to be with the winning team, and not on the starting point.

    Entry: Newly-created characters only (it's impossible to enter the map with any other character anyway). 1 login only.

    Prize: A good one, you can choose one of these: forum points; a warrior set, or a mage set. The exact sets from which you can choose will be declared by the tournament master. You can choose to receive your item prize on Hardcore or on Softcore server, but not on both.
  2. saros Знатный флудер

    Форумные баллы:

    Today, 11.07.2014, GMT 17:00, will be held tournament at server 22, map name The Last Village.

    Goal: Defend the last village, acting as a team!

    Entry: Newly-created characters, 1 login only.

    Prize: Choose one: forum points, a warrior set or a mage set. The exact sets will be declared after completing the tournament.
  3. brand007 Фанат А2

    those goals are only on hardcore or they can be played on Softcore too ? , and what time will another tournament start here?
  4. SunnyInPhiladelphia Фанат А2

    Форумные баллы:

    those goals are only on hardcore. A new tournament is not expected yet

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