Video on Installing and playing the game

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  1. Madcowe Аллодер

    Hey guys.

    So yesterday I spent nearly the whole day trying to get the game to work with my cousin, after finally getting everything working and running I decided to make a video in case anyone else has problems in the future x)

    If anyone would want to take a look and see if I missed something I'd appreciate it :)

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  2. Anotomix Administrator (Администратор)

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    Great job man! :) We have such videos in russian, but not sure if we had in english... So actually now we have :)
  3. Madcowe Аллодер

    hahaha hope it is helpful :D

    I'm planning on doing more, maybe about the special enemies that drop awesome loot on each map.

    But still rather new to the HAT servers so don't know many of them xD

    Any suggestions? :)

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