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  1. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    Hello again,again i got some kind of noobish question but:
    why there are only pikes as "better then common magic rare" ones?and even among rarees there are only pikes again...
    i love swords,very,i always wish to have cool sword,is it possible to(or idk allowment?) to add some maps with "new stuff"?
    if this would be helpfull i can try create some maps with similiar difficult comparing to "weapon power"(like difference between halberd of the killer and blood elf halberd) based on maps i know frm hat.
    also i think such "adds" would refresh this game for old lazed players also,if this would be possible i would think also about some "2h"stuff which normaly should be stronger then "1h"(this is little silly for me that 1handed weapon+shield can do more dmg then greate two handed ones...but ok it is not game created by me,still i like it but...)
    also i would like to hear what others players think about something like that,and maybe your quotes will help to allow "it happen"
  2. SunnyInPhiladelphia Фанат А2

    Форумные баллы:

    if you can do this, you well come. create map, create good 2h item. send it to admins or attach here. if it will be really good map, maybe administrators set this to server.
    we are useing only pikes cause warrior with pike casts faster then with other weapons. It is very important in pvp
  3. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    by "description" it looked like swords would be fastests and most precised,ok i understand reason:)

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