creating training area where we can play all day long the same map

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  1. brand007 Фанат А2

    A training area where you can play all day long the same map , because multiplayer section is not operational . If i can play the maps with the same settings as Softcore map then i can learn them better and get the quest items faster as well . I think this is a great idea both for new player and old ones.
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    play SC or arena.
  3. brand007 Фанат А2

    But i have access to all maps there ? , and what is SC? , i need a place where i can play the same map all day long .
  4. Reine Такой красивый женщина, ух!

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    SC - softcore. If you want to play in one map all day long - play on local area network, only way.
  5. Reine Такой красивый женщина, ух!

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    "хочу свой личный сервер с бесконечной картой, буду там башни градом убивать"
  6. brand007 Фанат А2

    i can't play in multiplayer or local network i cant see any maps there , i tried this but it dosent work
  7. Reine Такой красивый женщина, ух!

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    no problem)

    How to add maps to Network game
    1. In game directory there is a folder called "maps", which contains all maps, that you used to play on hat.
    2. Copy required maps into game root folder.
    3. In network game as on hat, there is difficulties and skill restrictions. So you can't play "easy" difficulty map with skill 100.
  8. brand007 Фанат А2

    all my maps are in the maps folder and i still can't see any maps on multiplayer
  9. Reine Такой красивый женщина, ух!

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    maps must be in general folder, not in "maps"
  10. brand007 Фанат А2

    yes , thanks a lot i got the idea and i tried moving the maps and it works , is it okay if i edit the maps and place certain set of items at the start line in case i get killed ?. For example daughter necromancer map it will work the same as in hat right gotta do the same things to acquire stones?. Also i am allowed to edit the map if i play in local network?
  11. Reine Такой красивый женщина, ух!

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    in network game all work like in a hat, but your skills and items from map NOT saved. in next map your skills will be like the first time.
    if you want edit map, you must installing map editor. if you edit maps, you can play on it in network game only)
  12. brand007 Фанат А2

    yes i can create my own items and play the maps with the same kind of items i get from hat , creating the same kind of items and playing the same map every day i can get accostumed with the map , and location of each mob and the location where to teleport and everything , once i learn the map it will be a lot easier to play in hat and acquire the items so i can quickly get more % for chaos machine and reach 100 % , if i craft with 100 % i will get a item for sure , it dosent matter if its legendary or exalted .
  13. brand007 Фанат А2

    Is there a chance to craft the Quest stones with 100 % chance ? , i mean craft stones +1 and so to be crafted in chaos machine ?
  14. Reine Такой красивый женщина, ух!

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    of course, YES)
  15. brand007 Фанат А2

    what i mean is , if i use 100 % chance is there a sure that i get item in every case , or i can get quest stones when i craft . If i use 100 % i wanna be sure i get a item for mage or fighter and not a Craft stone
  16. Reine Такой красивый женщина, ух!

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    no, you cant be sure. you can get a craft stone too, no matter how many % you use
  17. brand007 Фанат А2

    so even with 100 % , i can still craft a stone , and it's not 100 % sure that i get a item every time , i understand now ((((
  18. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    playing on local network GOT ONE BIG PROBLEM:spamming spells(like blizzard teleport firewalls and all of them)from scrolls couse that RoM crash just,when i asked about that i had advice to play on "sc/softcore",but as i noticed till now even if maps from HC and SC got same names they got different specyfications insidie, some mobs are or not,some are stronger or not,i dont say that it is about ALL MAPS AND ALL MOBS THERE,i didnt checked yet all and i wasnt evrywhere on horror maps i know till now.
  19. Reine Такой красивый женщина, ух!

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    network game are crashed when you cast spells too fast, its a bug
  20. brand007 Фанат А2

    does the map change when you play it in network mode ?

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