creating training area where we can play all day long the same map

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  1. Общак Balance maker / Балансёр (PvP)

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    when you connect hat, map automatically updates to online version
  2. brand007 Фанат А2

    but if i get the latest map then copy it to root folder and play it on network mode , is there any differences in monster or HP or map difficulity or spells damage or duration ?
  3. Общак Balance maker / Балансёр (PvP)

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    no difference
  4. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    it only depends on which map exacly u will launch,becouse u got just files with them and even several with same name got small differences inside
  5. brand007 Фанат А2

    i get more gold than usual on map Holmang the one with the staffs of Curse and the other ones this could be counted as a difference also when i open the map daughter necromancer with Map Editor the map is changed and i dont have the Lich from where to get the craft stone +6 , and the map is different it has extra land and a mountain , so are there anymore differences between the maps played in hat and those played in network , or did the map Daughter Necromancer changed and it dosent give the same rewards , i will make a list if nobody has a clue and point the differences in map comparing it , at least for the areas that i will be able to reach .
  6. Общак Balance maker / Балансёр (PvP)

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    diffirent versions of map. there is two versions of daughter necromancer, with crafting stone on hardcore realm, and without - on softcore.
  7. brand007 Фанат А2

    it had crafting stone on Softcore mode too , or did that changed in the past 4 days ?
  8. Supbro Фанат А2

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    Yes, they removed it, and moved most % on the 122 server; as i understand it was done by 1 guy and he did all of that on his own taste
    (and it seems that his taste is actually pretty bad)
  9. Reine Такой красивый женщина, ух!

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  10. brand007 Фанат А2

    so no more Lich on softcore mode with 6 % , if they do this and do the same for every craft stone in Softcore mode then nobody is gonna play there anymore , it was indeed hard to get but not impossible if you got a least one fighter to help . So the Lich was removed from Softcore map right, the one with 6 % craft.
  11. Supbro Фанат А2

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    It was a 2% stone on sc
  12. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    i got another question about "training maps",why on softcore server there arent maps like napas dream,smoke buddha and so on? they looks like maps to farm crafting stones,is it this reason?
  13. SunnyInPhiladelphia Фанат А2

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    Cause softcore is a training area for noobs. This is a place to learn how to play. When you will be ready, well come to hardcore.
    Craft is not a goal of mode softcore.
  14. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    i started from harcore anyway,but i found that it is better to train maps there,that was only one reason why i started sf later,it is sad that these maps arent avaible there even without crystal dropping:(
  15. Supbro Фанат А2

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    Lets say - it's useless to ask about it. This topic is all about of adding couple farm maps and it ended with removing every % crystal on softcore.
    Still you can try those maps out in the local server game (or not, they changed client, so u have to find older one).
  16. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    i know thay i can do that on local game,problem was "spamming spells crush client just",i also got normal version of rom(before i decided to look if this game is still alife somewhere as multiplayer version i played campaing again after around 10-15 years:D),but this "normal version" is 800x640,and it is small pain to use such grafic after i found this client with 1024x768:D hard to watch it now:(
  17. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    btw so if

    how can i EMULATE situation when i already got two legendary items on hardcore? it is big difference in the end,how much character can survive and also how fast it kills same kind of mob? pls can crafting stones and others maps with "stone farms" return or come into softcore? if this is just "training area for noobs"(well i know i need learn many more tricks so i can agree to calll me noob here:P) why admins or others care? more... if this is or would be designed as "training area for noobs" i think legendary items should be little easier to claim,just to be able to train with same kind of stuff as we got on hardcore...
    or maybe sandbox can become something like this?

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