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  1. obama Аллодер

    Map editor does not work
    i have xp Professional.
  2. saros Знатный флудер

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    Same problem here, and no, no suggestions. I had an older version that worked but deleted it.
  3. hotsauce Только зарегался

    What should I do to have a music from rom2 in game? Have only sounds of monsters etc
  4. saros Знатный флудер

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    Nothing. No music, I'm afraid. Neither of us have any music in Allods2.
  5. ZZYZX Мимозукс

    For example, get the full RoM2 version (or even the russian one, the music isn't different) and put music.res from that into your game directory.
  6. Zouthai Только зарегался

    Hey Guys! New to this server. Never played ROM2 with other people in multiplayer, i've been playing years in the multiplayer but by myself. I'm Brazilian but a fluent English speaker, GMT-3. Would love to fully understand the people i'm playing with hahaha, but i'm grateful to be playing multiplayer with other people already! Will be bringing in some 3-4 other players soon!
  7. Zouthai Только зарегался

    Playing as a Mage by the name of Aron! Find me in game!
  8. Anotomix Administrator (Администратор)

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    Hey! Welcome to our server man!
    If you have questions about game or some problems, please fill free to contact us here or in Contact Administration forum.
  9. ixlavok Захожу на форум

    pretty old topic but...i found on this site music to download just,simply copy extracted folder to rom2/data/ and u wiill have music back.
    Anyway to dont make much offtopic im from poland and i speak english,i play when i can and have time,it is randomly just,on hardcore and ixlavok,alqor,alkor,liloo are my chars,also i got few others bestto recognise me by "mortresen" "surename/clan name".
    about map editor:probably u need just change graphic setting by "deskop->settings" to 16bit,when i had more it didnt worked for me as well.
  10. brand007 Фанат А2

    to make the map editor to work you need to install the 3.0 version from the links and then run the game in 16 bit medium colour that will allow you to see the maps . If you run the game in 32 bit colour you will get a error saying Map Editor terminator , Direct Draw not found . So right click on desktop then click Properties then Settings - Colour Quality then choose 16 bit and click Apply or Ok and you will be able to open a map editor . If you have any question and i know the answer i will help you if you just ask .
  11. Madcowe Аллодер

    Hey everyone :D
  12. AzureDragon Только зарегался

    Hello, new here. Game name is Azure(softcore).
    Question,can softcore character be transfered to hardcore?
    Also, what is map editor for?
  13. Общак Balance maker / Балансёр (PvP)

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    no transfer.
    map editor is meant to create maps. you can use for learn maps and loot on it.
  14. Kosikov Знатный флудер

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    On hardcore another balance, and more fast XP and money. So u can create new character on hardcoe, and much faster get your stats up, then on softcore.
  15. AzureDragon Только зарегался

    Thank You
  16. KontRoLEr Человек оркестр

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    if you want, i will help you

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