Astral Book of Stone Curse - Bug or What is It?

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    I got some stone curse books, but instead of being of Earth Magic, they are of Astral Magic, what is going on?

    The astral book costs the same as the earth book, but description and color of the books are different, have not tried to use the astral stone curse book yet.

    Here are 3 astral stone curse books and 1 earth stone curse book. They are real, not a dupe in my pack, I can drop and pick them up and there are 4 books as shown in screenshot, changing maps and restarting the game does not change anything.
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    its arent bug, teachspell attribute can be applied even for a cape or staff. map designer just dont changed kind of book when switch spell
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    переведи ему что если магу изучить именно розовую книгу кп, то он всегда будет пробивать максимальным временем кп

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