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    Форумные баллы:

    Chapter 1: Before you start playing

    This is an attempt to make a universal English manual for the game to reduce frustration for my English-speaking fellas.

    Before we start, please keep this in mind:
    • This is not a generic useless and unnecessary readme kind of crap. You will have a lot better gaming experience if you go through this manual. This game has lots of hidden things that are in no way explained for you anywhere else.
    • It's an old game. I make an assumption you played the singleplayer version. Be forgiving. People had to bloody disassemble this old pile of code and make it work well. That's a whole bunch of low-level work that has to be respected. @ZZYZX, thanks ma dude.
    • This server doesn't charge you for the game and doesn't employ annoying and disrespectful microtransaction tactics. Consider going to Auction and paying a few bucks to the owners in exchange for potions. That's a good choice. Thanks for the server, @Anotomix
    Okay, we start from client downloading and configuration. Take a look at the vid here where I explain how to do things here. It is useful. It takes care of the issues you'll encounter and improves your gaming experience:

    Now, BEFORE you start playing. Take your time and read the manual here: http://allods2.eu/en/tutorial/startgame/fno/

    Seriously, my folks, don't be lazy fucks. Read it. It's useful. Do it NOW!

    So now you have to know something. Yes, it's significantly easier to play as a mage, especially on PVP since you will be killed there multiple times with no reason whatsoever and unlike PVE, you lose all your items when you die on PVP.

    Mages don't really need fancy items to fight given that they're extremely careful. Mages are fragile, but they don't need to maintain close combat and they never miss. In the late game, however, they become practically useless. You will mostly play a warrior character since they're instrumental in hard and insane quest maps.

    Also early game as a mage is very annoying. you die pretty much every time. Personally I think it's a mistake to start as a mage.

    However! it's possible and a lot more interesting (imho) to play as pure Warriors with no mages help, at least in the beginning. A lot more fun.

    Because warriors are essential and mages aren't, this manual is about playing as a warrior. I'll start including mages later on in the tutorial, but as a supplement.

    Chapter 2: First Steps

    You may find this series of noob videos helpful. They feature a nice and fun game with no potions and side help: http://forum.allods2.eu/index.php?threads/noob-guide-from-the-beginning-to-your-evil-set.4017/

    An important fact: [!] when you die, think twice before pressing space. In some cases you want to close the game, wait for five minutes and log in again. That way, you will not lose any XP.

    The next step is making money and gearing up. What you need to know about in-game stores:

    1. Stores content generally (not always) depends on map type and shop location.
    2. The harder a map is, the better and more expensive items are sold in the store. Except quests.
    3. Stores located on quest maps almost always only sell scrolls and non-essential potions.
    4. Some maps quite often have stores surrounded with monsters. You can either run into it, trying to not get killed or carefully kill the guards and enter. Top items are normally sold in stores like that on Nightmare maps
    5. Quest items (that drop from special mobs on quest maps) will surpass anything that is sold in stores.
    Now, with this in mind, typically you will get mostly up to Steel level of items in Easy level stores. Sometimes you can stumble upon Mithrill and even some Adamantium on the special Evil Islands Easy map. Evil Islands is an exception in many respectives. It's a quest, although it's not labeled as such. It has adamantium in stores, although Easy is not supposed to have it. Etc.
    Middle level stores will almost always offer various mithrill items and often Adamantium.
    Hard level stores - Adamantium and Meteorite gear.
    Nightmare - add Crystalline to that.

    Chapter 3: Intro into Questing: Easy & Middle Questing

    Okay, now the expectation is that you get at least to the mithrill gear. Once you do that, this is the next video that you wanna watch:

    Other Easy maps that have quest-ish items in mobs:
    - Garden (1 warrior, 2 mage items)
    - The Dark Age of Ravenloft (2 warrior, 1 mage items)
    - Rivers (2 warrior, 1 mage items)
    - Alloded Head (3 warrior items)
    Now you go and do something like that. Gear up to Adamantine or around that. Next you'll get your first quest set. Exactly how to do it is shown here:


    Now once you get it, the recommendation is to use it and go have fun on the middle/hard level of maps (not quests). Feel the power of this set, enjoy it and use it to develop your skills since this set gives a sizable bonus to XP. Buy/get a nice meteoric crossbow somewhere on Hard. Make sure it has some additional magic damage in it. The more - the better.

    Ok, so this gear was just to get first real money about 10 mil should be ample, but feel free to exceed it. As long as you're having tons of fun :). Also make sure to use this set to improve all your skills at least to 60 each.

    Now we need to start clearing Mid Quests. There are four we're interested in: Interception, Tracer, Dream and Fantasy. I recommend this order. We will use items from each quest to make the following quest easier. Here are the videos for each:

    1. Interception Quest
    2. Trancer Quest
    3. Dream Quest
    4. Fantasy Quest
    You're done with this? Enjoy your first Real Quest set! Well, at least this is what we'll use for Hard Quests :)


    Next steps for you now is to get your stats (strngth, agility, wisdom and mind) to the maximum. Go do these quests again and again, concentrating on potions. Or just get them from other players who may want to share. Another option is, obviously, purchasing them from the auction house either for gold or for a few USD cents.

    Ok, Now that you're done with it, you may think you're cool enough to go to Nightmare? No. Don't f*ck with Nightmare with no explicit reason. It's generally not for casual playing. Nightmare is actually trying to actively kill you, unlike any other difficulty.

    If you haven't noticed yet, every level of difficulty has its own levels of monsters. Easy is lvl 1 and 2. Mid is lvl 2 and 3. Hard is lvl 3 and 4. Nightmare is 4 and 5. Some Nightmare quests will feature what's called lvl 6 mobs.

    What you need to know about the level 5 (6) mobs is that their function is to be hard regardless of how powerful the player is. Nobody would feel comfortable just going through a map killing lvl 5 mobs. It's not done like that. You have to be extra smart fighting them, you have to typically avoid 99% of their attacks. fighting against lvl 5 mobs requires explicit, strict strategy.

    Chapter 3: Advanced Questing: Hard Quests

    We're not yet strong enough to go do Nightmare. First we need to get the Body +3 full Crystalline set (ye, logically one would expect there to be a quest set for each kind of material but no, not quite).

    From here, actually, you have a few options. You could really go to Nightmare-level guarded stores (given that you know how to pass the guards or you're being helped) and buy body +3 shop items. While they will give you a good level of HP, they will still be not as good as Body +3 set items and that difference is significant. Although it's not really necessary to do it, we will do some of it. What you'll find really helpful is crystalline weapon with damage instead of stone curse.

    Also there are some new advanced techniques you should start practicing or just pay attention to.

    This is how you obtain the crystalline body +3 set:

    This is what it looks like:
    We're still wearing our old shield, ring and amulet. That's fine. We'll replace them shortly. Don't replace them with what you find in stores.

    First, we get a new quest shield. The so-called Twins shield. This is the easiest quest item to get on Hard. Here's the vid:


    We swap this:


    with this:


    We do Mount Horror next:


    Now we got the items. Let's check out our Amazon

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    Форумные баллы:

    Chapter 0: A few technicalities

    A few technicalities before we start doing Nightmare quests.

    How to improve your FPS?

    I use the wonderful DXWnd software for it, here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/

    I attached my config, but you may wanna play with it and find your own optimal set of options.

    Here is how to make DXWnd able to run multiple windows:

    The text file with all interesting drops on all interesting maps.
    How to use?

    1. Copy the name of the map you're interested in.
    2. Find it's name in the file.
    2. Near its name, there will be the map filename. Find the map by the filename in your maps folder.
    3. Open your map editor and drag and drop the map in it.
    4. Now go back to the text file and see what loot you're interested in. Each monster with loot will have X,Y coordinates there.
    5. Locate the coordinates with your mouse.
    6. Inspect the situation.

    What are all these repeating russian phrases mean!?

    There's a universal cheat you could employ. Russian alphabet can be mapped to English. Once you know how the two relate, you will be able to transliterate words and get the meaning since tons of words in Russian were imported from German, French, English and other languages.

    This approach will help not only with this game, but also with any other cases in your life when you encounter russian words. So using something like this: http://www.russianlessons.net/lessons/lesson1_alphabet.php you will instantly understand that 'лол' means lol, 'втф' means wtf, 'папа' means papa, мама means... well, you got the idea.

    That is if you're not lazy. If you are, however, here are some essential terms:

    АК - Anti-earth protection
    КП - Stone Curse
    Свиты - Scrolls
    Копа - Pike/Halberd
    ПК - Player Killer
    моба - monsters
    ТП - teleport
    триг/триггер - trigger
    палка - staff
    град - blizzard
    стенка - wall (either fire or stone)
    невид - invisibility
    ускор - haste
    благо - blessing
    прокл - curse
    щит - shield
    квест - quest
    белка - squirrel
    волк - wolf
    черепаха - turtle
    орк - orc
    шаман - shaman
    люд - ogre
    мышь - bat
    гарпа - harpy/succubus
    тролль - troll
    дракон - dragon
    паук - spider
    некр - necromancer
    скел - skeleton
    зомб - zombie
    урд - urd

    Here's the script that I wrote for map monitoring:

    (function timeout(i = 0) {
        const delay = 60000;
        console.log("The map monitoring function has been running for " + i*delay/60000 + " minutes");
        setTimeout(function () {
            const mapsToMonitor = [
                //'Empire Border',
                //'Evil Islands',
                //'Interception Quest', //mid Weapons.
                //'Trancer', //mid Amulet and ring.
                //'Dream Quest', //mid Upper Armor.
                //'Fantasy Quest', //mid Bottom Armor.
                //'Turtle Beach',//Hard Shops
                //'Lord of the rings',//Hard Shops
                //'Necromant World',//Hard Shops
                //'Mount Horror', //scrolls
                //'Crossroads of Mystery',//Nightmare Shops
                //'Jack of Death',//Nightmare Shops
                'Wieder',//nice quest shield
                'Daughter Necromancer', //free 0.75%
                //'Bloody Tearz', //paladin
                //'WakeDaFuckUp', //Shield od death
                //'Grand Lacs', //Killer's Pike
            const serverType = 'softcore'//softcore or sandbox
            const mapsToWorkOn = []
            const allOnlineMaps = Array.prototype.slice.call(document.querySelectorAll(".b-status-table-child"));
                if (mapItem.querySelector('[class^="'+serverType+'"]') !== null){
            let results = [];
            mapsToWorkOn.forEach((currentMap) => {
                const match = mapsToMonitor.filter((toMonitorMap) => {
                    return (currentMap.indexOf(toMonitorMap)>-1);
                if (match.length > 0){
                    results = results.concat(match);
            if(results.length > 0){
                o=(A=new AudioContext()).createOscillator();o.connect(A.destination);o.start(0);setTimeout('o.stop(0)',300);
        }, delay);
    How do you use it?
    1. You go to the http://allods2.eu/en/maplist/ and you copy the map name you want to monitor. You can skip the version. I use a fuzzy check there.
    2. Paste the maps you want to monitor into the script (// comments the line out)
    3. Go to the http://allods2.eu/en/status page
    4. Press Ctrl+Shift+I, make sure you're in the Console tab.
    5. Paste the code into the console and press Enter. The script will start running and monitoring the maps (on Softcore by default, but you can switch it)

    Feel free to improve the script if you like JS and have spare time :)


    • maps.txt
      Размер файла:
      1,5 МБ
    • ROM2_for_dxwnd.7z
      Размер файла:
      1 КБ
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    Форумные баллы:

    Perfect. Now what you need to know about the Hard Quests is that almost all of them drop the same items: two kinds of helmets (a superior and an inferior), a ring and an amulet. We also have three maps for three different shields.

    The plan is to get the best helmet available, the ring and the amulet next. The easiest and the most fun map to get them from is Mount Horror. That's why I chose it for this tutorial. There are other options.

    Now we need to update that ugly Adamantine shield, right? Well, the remaining two Hard quests with the shields are too bothersome, so we'll get the shield from a Nightmare Quest :)

    Chapter 4: Nightmare Quests

    Wieder! Because it's time to get rid of the Twins shield!


    So how do we look now?


    Now an important thing! I switched from using the Amazon to using the Warrior cuz the Warrior has more HP in this set because it has more Body than the Amazon.

    As a warrior, I'm doing this Valkyria map: http://forum.allods2.eu/index.php?threads/valkyria-quest-getting-gay-quest-leggings.3984/

    And here's how the warrior looks like in the gay leggings, lol:


    You've noticed the change in HP. That's not cuz of leggings. That's what gender does to you in this game, haha. Not a very social construct, is it? hehehe. Anyhow.

    Now we need to upgrade our pike! Don't we? Yeah, we do! And here we go!


    Quick and easy. Cuz we don't want to bother too much before we're totally ready, do we?

    Here's how badass (and gay) we look now! Watch the damage! Also the pike has significantly longer stone curse. Every second matters!


    Our approach here is to have fun and do the ez quests to gain the power to do harder quests. And afford to make more mistakes :)

    Okay, now we start using the mage assistance. Watch the wonky Furry of Chaos guide I made recently to know what stuff I'm using on the mage and how to get it.

    Now let's get the Daedra stuff:


    And here is how we look in it:


    So more sight, more hp, more dmg, etc.

    Okay, now we'll do a few quest maps in rapid succession:
    Purgatory (Only getting the gloves from here since we'll get the rest from BP. Maybe we'll show the rest of it later on):

    Purgatory (gloves only): http://forum.allods2.eu/index.php?threads/purgatory-a-large-scale-t1-nightmare-quest.4014/

    Now we need a crossbow, don't we? A crossbow that wouldn't reduce our protection from earth or HP when we switch to it. Because those harpies and dragons love to stonecurse as you may have noticed.

    Mantana is the easiest way of getting that crossbow. And here's a video of doing it rapidly: http://forum.allods2.eu/index.php?threads/mantana-getting-the-first-top-crossbow.4015/

    If you're still with us at this point, you should know that there are four tiers of Nightmare Quest Sets for a Warrior:

    T1: BP+Revolution (old top set for a warrior)
    T2: Daedra (Rodion or Daughter Necromancer) (yes, by cheating the Daughter, we skipped the T1 in this guide, which I feel guilty about)
    T3: Crazy Islands
    T4: Paladin (Bloody Tearz)
    T5: Rare, Exalted and whatever items that you only can buy for real money or win in tournaments/chaos machine.

    Bad Place (to finish replacing our crappy store items: the bracers, the leather mail and the boots): http://forum.allods2.eu/index.php?threads/bad-place-getting-top-bracers-leathermail-and-boots.4013/

    Okay, here is how we (Bene) look now (T2 set):


    KTD: Getting the top crossbow: http://forum.allods2.eu/index.php?threads/kill-the-dead-top-crossbow.4028/

    Now we're getting the Crazy Islands set (T3)
    and here is Bene in T3:


    Now we're getting the Bloody Tears set (T4, top set)
    And here is Bene in T3:


    Now we're getting top weapon and shield :)

    Grand Lacs (top pike):

    HoM (top shield):

    SilkRoad (top axe and bludgeon):

    Whew! Damn! This concludes this manual. We're done! what a relief :)
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    Форумные баллы:

    Chapter 5: Top sets for an Amazon


    Chapter 6: Items for your glorious mage


    1. Traveller (mid) Just to make it easier to gain skills

    Here's how you train once you have access to Hard, in order to get to Nightmare: http://forum.allods2.eu/index.php?threads/getting-your-easy-pass-to-nightmare-oasis-map.4002/

    Here's how you exp after you can get to Nightmare: http://forum.allods2.eu/index.php?threads/end-game-afk-mage-exping.4000/

    1.5 Fear Plains (Nightmare) It's a fun map to do, and a nice set to have. But it's completely optional. Personally, I have it, but I never use it nowadays.

    2. Furry of Chaos (Nightmare) Maximizes Skills. This is the most important set to have:
    Now I feel morally justified to start using my mage as an assistance for the warrior on quest maps, lol :)

    3. Body 5 set: http://forum.allods2.eu/index.php?threads/the-tenth-kingdom-body-5-for-a-mage.4052/

    4. DarkLand (Nightmare). Body 6 set. This is useful if you want to explore on your own.

    5. CQGSM: Hol'mgang (Nightmare) Main staffs.

    6. Body 6-on-drugs (Nightmare). It's new, I haven't seen it before.


    Cape Agulhas!

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    Форумные баллы:

    5000 points for the guide
  6. Traphalet Фанат А2

    Форумные баллы:

    Is this Order and Chaos map ? I can show you how to in a live demo if you want.
    It's almost impossible to clear it solo in the allotted time (1 hr ) without some crafted gear, the best results are when you do it in a team of 2 (mage + warrior).
    I'd recommend you to do the Paladin set from Bloody Tearz first, so you can have it on your warrior for this OAC map, and then the C6 from Darkland with the staves from Hol'mgang for your mage.
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    Форумные баллы:

    I think that's a little bit too much for me atm. I fail to see the necessity of that set really. Although a guide wouldn't harm for sure. You can totally film it, or I could film you doing it :) Whatever works best.
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    Форумные баллы:

    Okay, the warrior manual is complete now!

    A few more vids for amazon sets and a few more for mages and we're done :)

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