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    No swearing, no chatting, no smoking. This thread is translated to our webpage (allods2.eu), so be nice.

  2. Vova Аллодер

  3. Anotomix Administrator (Администратор)

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    Site now is available worldwide!
  4. ForceNecromancer Только зарегался

    anotomix i need to know how to start play on eu ps im running win 7
  5. Enchanter Аллодер

    Windows 7 is it 64 bit version?
  6. kandrey89 Аллодер

    Fuck this HAT and your retard players, killing from under ally on autumn.
    I can't even get my characters dressed up to try PvP.

    I see now that the only people coming back to play this game are the same assholes who make it impossible to play this game.

    The only solution is to then stop feeding the fuckers, so GOOD BYE. Assholes can play with themselves. I am leaving, and hope so does everyone else who likes to play decent, and is tired of lying, cheating, stealing, ally-killing, and more.
    I'm not against PvP, but this isn't PvP, it's systematic disruption to PvM game style, whether it's on a PvM map or not.
  7. tangar Старик-лесовик

    Mate, chill out. We have a lot of asses there, but also decent players around. I think you've player warrior class, so you are very upset because you've lost your expensive armour. Its very hard to play warrior if you are beginner.

    Start a mage class character with parameters: 34-34-34-34 (so you would have to drink less amount of stats potions). Dont buy any items, only buy books with magic spells. Its possible to earn a lot of gold with naked mage :)

    There is two ways:
    1) There is an option to get stat potions and a lot of money from tavern's quests. You would need astral armour set to teleport far away between taverns.. May be some one would write guide about it in english.
    2) Just play naked char. After you'll get a lot of money, you could buy yourself mage armour with strenght +4 and you would have 1500 life. To get good earth resistance (to prevent stone for PlayerKillers) you have to buy another set of armour with +earth magic skill. So you have to cast earth resistance once per 7 minutes or so. With such mage character you could get very good staff for warrior and start PvP :) Its even possible to get good items for warrior with naked mage, but its more complicated :)

    Now we have problem at the hat - no earth resistance items for warriors in the shops, so you have to find it in monsters at Quest-maps. Devs are working at this problem and it would be solved asap, so it would be more simple to start with warrior :)

    Also there is other way: easy quest maps. There are sets of good item, try to clean it.

    If you'll get a lot of money - dont buy from strangers, dont trust any "traders", only trust your friends and people who you know. There is a lot of thieves :)
  8. skylike2010 Захожу на форум

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    Calm down man,

    Everybody has the same problem, I am English speaking only and still playing in this hat too, it has been three years since I first came. So I have seen so many new English speaking players coming and finally leaving. I can feel their happiness and sadness in this hat, because I have experienced it too. Another frustrating thing for me is that I kept playing with a ping of 350-400 ms for two years (now better it is around 150-200).

    tangar said a good way to grow up and avoid killing on hat, playing and growing up in the PvP environment need quite a lot patience, my friends came few days ago as new comers and are experiencing the same thing right now, so I am trying my best to teach him how to play here step by step so that he won't feel frustrated by those pks too early, I can help you too.

    Here is the guide on the website..http://allods2.eu/ru/tutorial/startgame/fno/..it helps you go over some basics.

    Here is one post describing well how to make fast money or get high xp by pulling mail, it will be a great help to you.
    try to buy cheap astral clothes first to make it as high as possible maybe 170+, and then delivering mail.

    After this, your mage must be good enough to get money and potions, you are a strong player.

    At last, lemme tell you one truth, the MOST important driving force that keeps me playing is to REVENGE on those assholes. I believe everybody that has grown up here has a Asshole-list to kill! I am primarily a PvM player and trying to help new players but always a PvP guy to fight those assholes.
  9. Lordark Moderator (Модератор)

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    Kandrey i can show you how to deliver mail. If you do not have mage than create one with parameters as said above, and earth as main skill. If you already have one, let me know and i can help you.
  10. kandrey89 Аллодер

    I'm not a noob, I know all the tricks and ticks of the game. I AM JUST FKING TIRED OF RETARDS RUINING THE GAME for the rest of us!

    I don't have 8 hours to play the game everyday, I have at most 1 hour. Because of them, it's much harder to get to a point where you can enjoy the game. Disrupting mail deliveries every 10 minutes, stealing, back stabbing, etc.

    Have some HONOR, be a man, stop playing like an 8 year old psychopath and enjoy the game by collaborating and PvP after an agreement or at least PvP against those of equal strength like warrior vs c5 mage or warrior vs warrior, but NOT warrior vs mail delivery or c5 mage w/staff against mail delivery.

    Because of this lawlessness, I stand to loose several days worth of game play without any enjoyment to get back what I lost from their backstabbing.
  11. tangar Старик-лесовик

    Backstabbing is a part of the game, mate. Some people enjoy to play scoundrels and thiefs.. Its some kind of Role-Play (but some PKs are assholes in real life too hehe).

    Now you have your personal enemies and you could, as skylike2010 said, revenge them. Its great fun and new goal in the game. There are a lot of people who don't like scammers. Try to find friends, join your forces to prevent bloody PKers. I'm sure you can do it, dude :) Good luck!
  12. Traphalet Фанат А2

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    Contact me in the game, Kandrey. Look for Strauss, that would be me.
  13. sirPadla Захожу на форум

    u can ask me in game if u need some help. nicknames sirpadla and ZEL
  14. akkus09 Только зарегался

  15. Борис Аллодер

    Hi, yes the community pretty sucks, I understand all said above, but from another side its a challenge not to get caught, and to find you'd allies and friends the hard way, I'm a pve player 2, BTW we can open an English speakers guild without assholes and only help people
  16. Gekkon Только зарегался

    I am not sure how you do want to build a community in this game.
    One guy gamer[SS] or whatever just came, killed me and I have lost everything.As a warrior I have no idea how can I farm ? delevel to EASY mode ? cos it is impossible for me to play on Hard with nothing.
    I cannot even leave game if somebody joined in (waiting 30s)
    Sory but after many hours I am off.I see no point of playing at this servers any more , when somebody can kill me in 2s after he joined the game.
    Zero newbie protection, no way to run from PKer etc etc
    I would definitely spend much more hours but now I am disgusted and all I can do is delete this game.
  17. Anotomix Administrator (Администратор)

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    Man, you must on Softcore then, not on Hardcore. On Softcore after death there is no item drop and many servers are PvM.
  18. Gekkon Только зарегался

    Rates at SoftCore are just ridiculous, for 1 troll I get like 1000gold.Clearing small map gives me like 40k , what is this ? why rates at SC are so low ?
    After 1 month of playing I will make maybe 3m.
  19. Anotomix Administrator (Администратор)

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    Play on hard or horror, then you will receive good income. Softcore has lowered drop and exp rates. Also use inn quests to complete, they has full gold reward as on hardcore.
  20. Бальтазар1148 Его все знают

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    I got to the Black List of a servar. The administration banned me there is nothing.
    With whom I played thanks to all. Thanks to all with whom I communicated. Successful all of game.
    Good luck

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