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  1. skylike2010 Захожу на форум

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    it's kind of balance due to the no-drop mode of game, but you can try to look for the spots in Twins and Jack of Death that have extremely fast xp mobs.
  2. Traphalet Захожу на форум

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    Seems that the server is 'jammed' , the maps are not changing because the time won't change. If you look on the status page and wait for more than 1 minute, you won't see the time changing for any map.

    Also, I can connect to the hat, reach the lobby but can't enter any map. The game remains frozen for ~ 15 seconds after which it gives me the "Hat doesn't respond" window, followed by an empty map list and a redirection to login.

    As it's been happening for ~ 10 minutes for me (current time 02:17 GMT) , is anyone else having this problem ?
  3. Anotomix Administrator (Администратор)

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  4. syphiroth Аллодер

  5. ShadowLord Только зарегался

    Why I can login game ? It talk the of or password wrong . Id is email registión on allods?????
  6. ShadowLord Только зарегался

    Pls help me.
  7. Anotomix Administrator (Администратор)

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    To join game you need create login, cabinet (email) is used only for site/forum.
    Follow this link to create game login: http://allods2.eu/en/cabinet/newlogin/
  8. elpyhun Только зарегался

    Hi all!
    What is the period of the auction house -50% sale (real money)?
  9. Reine Такой красивый женщина, ух!

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    с 15.04.16 17:00 МСК по 18.04.16 17:00 МСК*

    *Moscow timezone

    so, time is over)
  10. elpyhun Только зарегался

    and the next one? :)
  11. Reine Такой красивый женщина, ух!

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    who knows)
    this action was due with Birthday of A2
  12. Anotomix Administrator (Администратор)

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  13. Общак Balance maker / Балансёр (PvP)

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    Tourament will be today, 22.04, 18:00 GMT
    If you wish participate, join HC EQuest 05 server, map Forever and Never v1.5
    It will takes about 2-3 hours.
    You can join only just created character.
  14. Cthulchu Его все знают

    We have now a neat discord channel where you can chat with your fellow alloders, ask questions and get aid.
    Please follow the link and go through a short tour in case you're new to Discord: https://discord.gg/8cbxtmk
    Traphalet нравится это.
  15. shelya Захожу на форум

    Forever and Never v1.4 is a Softcore map with Mage Full c5 almost impossible to get. I tried many times and remained near the spawn. Fortunately, GameMaster Grief noticed my efforts and helped me to go through. Thanks for that!

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