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  1. Cthulchu Знатный флудер

    Форумные баллы:

    Dude, play on softcore. It has a lot less frustration and everybody's willing to help :)
  2. Stepan Аллодер

    @tinamu, I think the only way - is to run into shop or inn, and then alt-f4, wait for 5 mins and join another map.
    For myself I also decided, that it's more important to improve experience, rather than buy new artifacts.
  3. Stepan Аллодер

    What "softcore" means?
  4. Огнерод Захожу на форум

    Stepan if you step into a shop and then you exit the game clicking alt F4 then your character will exit the shop and will be visible again - alternate solution you can just play another game until the map ends.

    Softcore = PvE - the mode when people cannot fight each other
  5. ShOwCZ Только зарегался

    Well in 2022 Its still little populated. Web pages , auctions still working. Active GM team. Just need post discord on web or somewhere because Its hard to find. I find it somehow but can't send invite.

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