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  1. Cthulchu Знатный флудер

    Форумные баллы:

    Dude, play on softcore. It has a lot less frustration and everybody's willing to help :)
  2. Stepan Аллодер

    @tinamu, I think the only way - is to run into shop or inn, and then alt-f4, wait for 5 mins and join another map.
    For myself I also decided, that it's more important to improve experience, rather than buy new artifacts.
  3. Stepan Аллодер

    What "softcore" means?
  4. Огнерод Захожу на форум

    Stepan if you step into a shop and then you exit the game clicking alt F4 then your character will exit the shop and will be visible again - alternate solution you can just play another game until the map ends.

    Softcore = PvE - the mode when people cannot fight each other
  5. ShOwCZ Только зарегался

    Well in 2022 Its still little populated. Web pages , auctions still working. Active GM team. Just need post discord on web or somewhere because Its hard to find. I find it somehow but can't send invite.
  6. Esmat Только зарегался

    Hi, I've just installed Allods and registered, also received the verification e-mail but when I start to play after entering my nick and pw game says "invalid pw or login" or something like that. Anyone knows what cold be the problem? Tnx
  7. Anotomix Administrator (Администратор)

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    You should use to Create a game login for playing under your Cabinet.
  8. Marr Только зарегался

    Hi There
    I Downloaded the Client (Version 3.5), I created the Login in Cabinet, now I am trying to run the game - it says "Failed to download updade".
    I tried to download the patch via Link, but its the same Client 3,5 with patch version 30.
    It would be ok to play offline for me as well - can I do it ?
    Could anyone help?
    Help would be most appreciated.

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